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Dear Friend of Madison,

Itís our birthday!

In 2017 the Madison Historical Society turns 100 years old. Thatís a lot of candles on the cake. And like all birthdays, itís a time to celebrate, reflect on the past, and think about the future. We are proud of what we have accomplished over the past century, and at the same time we are humbled by the realization that we would not have accomplished anything without generous help from our friends.

So, what about the next hundred years? Well, the past few years have revealed that we have much more work to do. Madisonís historic homes are under increased attack as teardowns reach an alarming rate. And every day, in homes all around town, historic artifacts and documents are lost in the rush to clear clutter and welcome in whatever is fresh and new. Preserving the charm of our town and protecting it from assault is everyoneís business.

But itís not all doom and gloom. In fact, we have some exciting birthday party plans, and you all are invited! With the help of the Madison Chamber of Commerce, town and state elected officials, and local historical and civic groups,we are planning a centennial celebration the whole town will be able to participate in and enjoy.
Our plans for the future are in reach only with your help. For this year's Annual Fund, please make as generous a donation to the MHS as you can. We plan on having another celebration when we turn 200Öand we will, because you made it possible.

Rick Camp, President
Madison Historical Society






Madison Historical Society
14 Meetinghouse Lane
Madison, CT 06443-3155